Program on northern mountainous cities

(AMC) Program on northern mountainous cities
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1. Project: Northern mountainous cities program (RB-NUDP-NM)

2. Foreign sponsor: the World Bank(WB)

3. Authority in-charge: Ministry of Construction

4. Project owner:

Urban Development Agency- Ministry of Construction

Address: 37 Le Dai Hanh - Hanoi

4. Targets of the project:

- Capacity building for Northern mountainous cities to participate in the Program on sustainable infrastructure planning, implementation and maintenance. The program will help improve urban infrastructure, environmental sanitation and people's living standards for sustainable socio-economic development in the cities under 07 provinces; and strengthening the capacity of the central government to plan and develop national urban development policies and programs, and develop strategies for the implementation of the national results-based program approach. Through their experiences in implementing these investments and through improving the program processes, the participating cities’ capacity will be better improved in future, this includes the following contents:

 + Capacity to plan includes the ability to predict the future needs of cities and urban residents, to identify investments that generate economic growth and increase economic opportunities for residents, and increase high quality of their life in the city, and most importantly, to accommodate the highest investment priorities with the available financial; the ability to integrate with existing socio-economic planning and urban construction plans;

+ Implementation capacity means the ability to timely deliver high-quality infrastructure with effective cost, while also ensuring the high standard of environmental protection, ensuring rights and benefits of people affected by investments, including land acquisition and resettlement, and proper consideration of the rights and benefits of the Ethnic Minority community;

- Sustainable urban infrastructure development includes clearly defining the agency which is responsible for infrastructure management, including maintenance activities needed. Ensuring that maintenance operations is timely done with effective cost, and ensures that sufficient funds are available for operation and maintenance.

5. Estimated time to implement the project:

2015-2020  (06 years)

6. Capital limit:

-IDA fund: USD 300million

- Counterpart funds:USD 50 million

7. Location of project implementation:

7 provinces in the Northern mountainous area: Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Đien Bien, Hoa Binh, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang và Yen Bai. Time for project implementation is 06 years: 2015-2020

8. The role of the AMC in the project:

Implementing the Part 1 - Component 2 of the Capacity Development Program for the period of 2018-2020

12 training courses have been organized for localities in 07 Northern mountainous provinces. These ones focus on the topics: smart city, green growth, ODA project management, etc;


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